Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Cathy MacPhail Club!

June already! and all my plans for more regular blogs out of the window! Everyone seems to be writing blogs, much more interesting than anything I can come up with. And between writing, and visiting schools, and answering e mails and fan mail, and posting on Twitter and Facebook, I never seem t have any time. I salute all of those who manage it so well. But I had to blog now. I love receiving fan letters and I answer every one, so if anyone has written to me and hasn't yet received a reply, you will get one. Promise!  But just recently after one of my school visits, some fans, Jay and Sandra and Tegan decided to set up The Cathy MacPhail Club. How fantastic is that. They have regular meetings and lists of books they plan to read, and one of their first events is a quiz, for which I supplied the questions and the prize: a signed copy of one of my books. It's things like this that make you realise just how much you love being a writer. Letters or e mails telling you how much a book has meant to someone, or how much they have enjoyed it, or saying, ( and this has got to be the best) how much you  have inspired them. So keep them coming. I love getting them.
    And of course Mosi's War is out now. On Monday we had a wonderful launch at the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow. Over 400 pupils came, and because of the Glasgow vampire story contained within the book, I included loads of urban legends in my talk, and it occurred to me for the first time how often I have used urban legends in my other books.  The alligators in the New York sewers, ( have you heard that one?)flushed down toilets when they were just babies, and because they were never exposed to light, they're white.White alligators! Can you imagine coming across one of them in the sewers? Well, read Sinister Intent, and you will see how I used that urban myth in that book. And of course, doppelgangers, doubles, fetches. I love and yet fear those kind of myths, and used that fear in my book Another Me. Soon, can't wait, coming to a cinema near you. ( Using its doppelganger name, Panda Eyes!)  Do you know any urban myths? If you do, send them to me, I'm collecting them. Who knows, they all just might turn up in yet another book!

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