Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Year

I love New Year. My daughter Katie and I always write out our New Year resolutions, our goals for the next year, our plans for the future. And when we look at last year's resolutions it is amazing how many of them we have acheived. I'm one of those really boring people who believes in writing lists, and ticking them off. But it has always worked for me. You don't just write out your goals of course, You have to take the steps to get there. If I am going to write a certain book, it doesn't just appear in front of me, I have to start with that first page. I have lots to do next year, lots to look forward to. I have another blog to write, about a book that means a lot to me. The book I have chosen is Therese Raquin, lust, passion, ghosts and murder, what more could you ask for in a book? Another Me is being made into a film. I have my next Bloomsbury book to deliver, It Walks Among Us, I love that title. Hope my readers do too. Another Tyler Lawless book to write, and the first, Out of The Depths, coming out later next year.  My cup runneth over. How lucky am I?
   So, this will be my last blog until 2011, and I wish everyone a wonderful time, and a fantastic 2011. 

Saturday, 18 December 2010

catching up

I haven't written here for a while. A very personal loss stopped everything. I was down in Stockport and I so wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful time they gave us there. They really do know how to put on an awards presentation. The prize is a fantastic piece of art from a student, and I am so delighted with mine. It hangs in pride of place beside the first prize I won at Stockport. My thanks to Louisa Diep for the terrific scene from Grass which she painted. I think all the writers enjoyed that evening, and next day we were taken to different schools to meet and talk to pupils. And both schools gave me such a wonderful welcome. I was going to Liverpool that night  and my plan was to tell all in this blog, but sometimes fate changes everything. I had to race home, and I missed an event in Wigan the following week too.
   So I have to get back into work now, and this blog is going to help me do that, I hope. At the moment, I can't even face my diary, and I love keeping that diary. But I did manage a visit to London this week, meeting up with my editor and discussing the new covers my publishers plan for my books when my new one comes out next year.  I also met the producers of Another Me, so much is happening there. But I am not going to speak of it for now. Within the next few weeks, there will be lots of news about the film, which I will happily share.
   And thank you everyone for the lovely cards of sympathy I have received.