Monday, 17 March 2014

In praise of gentle girls

There's been so much talk recently about bossy women and gender specific books and I, as usual, have kept quiet, not joined in the debate. But now, I think I would like to take a stand for gentle girls. Do you know what bossy meant to me at school? Bossy girls were bullies. You did what they said, you agreed with them, because of course they were always right. I grew up and met more bossy girls, and they were the same manipulative females,  making decisions for everyone else. Did I ever admire them ? Want to emulate them? No. Did I ever stand up to them? Probably not. I like a quiet life. Does that make me less of a woman than them? I know it didn't. But the comments I read seem to assume they are the kind of females our daughters should aspire to be. As if having a sweet, quiet nature is something to be frowned on. It means you're weak when of course what you must be is feisty . Feisty! How I hate that word! Every bit as good as a boy? I never had any doubt that I was. So I am writing in praise of sweet, quiet girls. Girls who love pink bedrooms, and princesses and prams and dolls and babies. They love wearing their mummies high heels and her lipstick and reading books with pink covers . Don't they deserve representation too ? These are the little girls who will grow up to be the kick ass women and mothers who will fight tooth and nail for their children, their families and their communities. Do not underestimate them !