Monday, 6 May 2013

Mosi and the Grampian Book Award

I am so bad at posting blogs! I always mean to do it more regularly, then I get caught up with other things, and before I know it, a month has passed. But May is going to be such a big month, and indeed, this is going to be such a big week I had to write here today.
    On Tuesday I head off for Aberdeen, and the Grampian Book Awards. I am so looking forward to it. Out of the Depths has been shortlisted for this wonderful award. But I am up against so many other fabulous books and authors I'll try not to be disappoointed if I don't win...who am I kidding. Of course I'll be disappointed. I'd love to win, even though I have already won twice before. I have two Grampian Quaichs taking pride of place in my cabinet. Keeping my fingers crossed I might add a third. ( You can always hope, can't you?) Here's what I'm up against.
   15 Days without a Head, by Dave Cousins
   The 13th Horseman, by Barry Hutchison
    Socks are Not Enough, by Mark Lowry
    A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness
    My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece by Annabel Pitcher
You can see why I'm worried, can't you?
   Never mind, win or not, it is going to be a terrific day!
  After the awards I am heading even further up north to Buckie for school sessions on the 9th May. I love going to Buckie, my day is always organised perfectly. There are always enthusiastic pupils, and teachers. And what can I say about the wonderul librarians who invite me there. I will be there on Sara Marsh's final day. Sara is one of the most inspiring librarians I have ever met, and she and I go back a long way. Fabulous librarian, lovely person. It has been a pleasure spending time with her over the years. And it just happens that 9th May is the publication day for Mosi's War, and we intend to make it a special launch day in Buckie! I will definitely keep you posted about that! ( I promise to do better!)
   I am very excited about Mosi's War coming out. I loved writing this book, the characters came to life as I wrote about them, Patrick and Mosi practically wrote the book themselves! So every day, till publication day I am posting a little extract of the book on Twitter and Facebook.  So, really I should post a little extract here too.
     ' It was in the afternoon that the whispered rumours started flying around the school. One wilder than the next.
      It began with a body found in the cemetery.
      But the story blazed out of control.
      Cut into little pieces.
      Blood everywhere.
      Beyond recognition.
      The police were back on the estate in force. Sitting in the classroom, everyone could hear the sirens.
      A body found.
      Let it be Papa Blood, Mosi thought. Then he could live without fear of ever seeing him again.
      But that wasn't the whispered rumour that raced round the school and was sent on text messages from one school to another. For them, there was a growing, excited suspicion.
     The vampire had struck again.
Mosi's War.

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  1. I have just finished (fifteen minutes ago) reading your novel, "Mosi's War." and I have to say that it was absolutely fantastic! All of the fast-paced, adventurous, gritty realism that we have come to expect from you, but with a couple of extra ingredients thrown in. Cathy MacPhail, vampires and voodoo? Now that's entertainment! The best book for young adults I have read in ages. I can't wait to get to work on it with my pupils net year. Gordon Fisher PT Lochend C.H.S.