Saturday, 18 December 2010

catching up

I haven't written here for a while. A very personal loss stopped everything. I was down in Stockport and I so wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful time they gave us there. They really do know how to put on an awards presentation. The prize is a fantastic piece of art from a student, and I am so delighted with mine. It hangs in pride of place beside the first prize I won at Stockport. My thanks to Louisa Diep for the terrific scene from Grass which she painted. I think all the writers enjoyed that evening, and next day we were taken to different schools to meet and talk to pupils. And both schools gave me such a wonderful welcome. I was going to Liverpool that night  and my plan was to tell all in this blog, but sometimes fate changes everything. I had to race home, and I missed an event in Wigan the following week too.
   So I have to get back into work now, and this blog is going to help me do that, I hope. At the moment, I can't even face my diary, and I love keeping that diary. But I did manage a visit to London this week, meeting up with my editor and discussing the new covers my publishers plan for my books when my new one comes out next year.  I also met the producers of Another Me, so much is happening there. But I am not going to speak of it for now. Within the next few weeks, there will be lots of news about the film, which I will happily share.
   And thank you everyone for the lovely cards of sympathy I have received.

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