Friday, 1 November 2013

November :Another Me and Jenny's Choice

November, and this will be a big month for me. On the 15th of November the film of my book, Another Me, is to be premiered in Rome. How exciting is that! and, it is now going to be called, Another Me, and not as originally planned, Panda Eyes.  That is yet another thrill for me. However, in spite of all the talk of me walking down the red carpet, I'm sorry to say, it won't be happening in Rome. The film is going into competition  and will be more of a low key affair with only the two young stars, Sophie Turner and Gregg Sulkin, and the director Isobel Coixet planning to be there. So, I am going to wait for the premiere later in London to wear my fancy frock. I'm not complaining. Just to be able to say one of my books has been made into a film is excitement enough.
    But it is not the only exciting thing happening for me in November. One of my short stories which was included a few years ago in an anthology WOW!366, is being published this month as a book.  In Leap Year,366 authors were each asked to write a 366 word story for this anthology. Mine was Jenny's Choice. Simple little story, but I was quite pleased with it. Then, earlier this year Barrington Stoke, that wonderful publisher, asked if they could publish this story as a short illustrated book. I was delighted, of course, but when I saw the illustrations, by Vladimir Stankovic, they were so darkly creepy, it gave my story another dimension. Barrington Stoke too were so pleased with the illustrations, they asked me if I could write a book from that short story. That's quite a challenge. But, wasn't that what I had done with Another Me? Short story to book, it's always an exciting project, and now, I had these sinister illustrations to inspire me. So not only do I  have  Jenny's Choice coming out this month,( and I can't wait to see the final book)  I also have the longer book due out in March of next year.Won't be called Jenny's Choice though. We're still looking for the perfect title.( Can't have two books called Jenny's Choice)  And added to that... I have an illustrator named, VLAD!
   So much to look forward to. I am so lucky.
   November is going to be a very special month for me!


  1. Cathy I'm so excited for you. I hope Another Me does well, you deserve it.

  2. noo but jonathan rhys meyers there will be in rome?