Monday, 19 November 2012

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

It seems I've been tagged, and quite happy with it!  So here I am ready to tell you about my next book, out in May of 2013.  Mosi's War.
      I got the idea for Mosi's War watching a programme about boy soldiers. Young boys, only children, forced to do the most unspeakable things. I thought of my own children, my grandchildren, my grandson, Robert just 9, the same age as some of the boys dragged off to distant wars they didn't even understand. And the idea began to grow. I suppose that's what inspired me to write the book in the first place. I hate the thought of children having their childhood taken away from them.  It's a typical Cathy MacPhail book, I think, a gritty realistic thriller, set in Glasgow. It's about two boys, Mosi and Patrick, who are caught up in an horrific set of events.  If I was to describe Mosi's War in one sentence it would be this.
 'Real life is a lot scarier than anything you could make up.'
  I know there are other books about boy soldiers, wonderful books, but I tried to avoid reading them. It was mostly non fiction books I read, true stories that would make your blood run cold.
  And what else in the book might pique my readers' interest? Well, there's a vampire in it too!
  Of course I would love Mosi's War to be snapped up as a film, but I can't be greedy. I already have a book being made into a film this very year!Another Me now to be known as Panda Eyes! Don't ask me why. Do I care? no! It's going to be a film! One of my books is going to be a film! 
     Filming begins on the 25th of this month, November. I am so excited about it. I have wonderful producers, a fantastic director, Isobel Coixet, who have all been responsible for some award winning and prestigious films. There is a stunning cast too. The drop dead gorgeous, Jonathan Rhys Meyers,( he was HenryV111, in the Tudors), Rhys Ifans ( Notting Hill, Spiderman). Sophie Turner, ( Game of Thrones) will be playing Fay, and though I haven't met her yet, just seeing her photo I think she will be a perfect Fay. I've read the script which is seriously spooky, and yet sticks close to my book. My dialogue, my scenes, my story. It is going to be wonderful to see such fine actors speaking my words on the big screen. Panda Eyes will be released I believe sometime in 2013. I'm looking out for the posh frock already!
  So I have so much to look forward to. My lovely wee Mosi's War out in May, and the film out next year too.
   I am meant to tag other authors, but it seems all the authors I was going to tag have already been included. But what about Helen Fitzgerald? I met her at Bloody Scotland, she's multi talented, and writes in so many different genres. I'd love to hear from her.


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