Tuesday, 8 March 2011

world Book Week

I had such a good week last week, first I visited Pitlochry. I am invited there every year, and I love going to that school. I am always so impressed by the amount of work they do around my books. This year there was artwork based around The Beast Within, the second book in the Nemesis series. Such imaginative beasts they came up with! There was also artwork based on the opening chapter of Into The Shadows. The science department were doing forensic work around this book too, and some of the classes were making an animated comic strip based on the first chapter. The work they do, and have always done, takes my breath away. I remember the first time I visited the school a life size wigwam had been erected in the hall! I wonder if anyone knows which book of mine inspired that!
  The next day I was in Edinburgh, first at Stewart Melville's school where I received such a warm welcome and met a lovely fan, Juan, from Columbia, who loved my Nemesis series. Okay, I can't help it .I love compliments. Then it was a mad dash to my next school, also n Edinburgh, Mary Erskine's, I loved that visit too. When you step in front of an audience and see so many of them clutching your books, you know you are in for a good event.
  I finished the week at Dunfermline High School, where I was greeted by the librarian, dressed as a witch. The teacher who brought the class in was dressed as the harridan of a teacher from Matilda. I love how librarians and teachers get so involved in the World Book Week events.
  Home at last, and I had hoped to go to the cinema...what am I doing calling it the cinema? It will always be the pictures to me. Didn't get, not this week, but I do love the movies. What would we do without stories ?
  Tomorrow I am off to the Aye Write Festival in Glasgow, and four hundred pupils. I've already had e mails from young people who are going to be there to hear me. Hope I talk sense, and that they enjoy the day as much as I intend to.

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