Monday, 23 August 2010

At the Edinburgh festival

I love being a part of the Book Festival at Edinburgh.  It's always so much fun, and I meet so many interesting people there that I haven't seen for ages. This morning, I met Malcolm Rose, who is doing an event with a robotic hand, on the 24th. That should be fun! Debi Gliori, who is always fun, Keith Gray who is just lovely, ask anyone, and ...the list goes on. I had such a great time, and I didn't have to worry about being spooky at 10am on a Monday because the weather was perfect for a spooky tale. Wind and rain lashing against the roof, and such a great crowd of pupils from schools all over Scotland, including a school all the way from Berwick on Tweed! One school from Callander was held up by traffic and weather and missed the event, but I did speak to some of the pupils later.
   Last night, sitting in my hotel room in the dark, with just one bedside lamp lit, I got the idea to give them a first line for a spooky story, and,( because I always like to make them work!) I challenged them to write the rest. Hope I am going to get lots of great stories out of that first line. One of my nephews said, 'oh, I see, you get them to write the story, then you get it published then you sell it back to them...good plan.' Honestly, no respect! What am I going to do with this family of mine! 
   Anyway, want to know what that first line is....?

   ' I'm alone now, and the room is growing colder and something is moving in the shadows. I'm so afraid.
     Somebody help me.....please. '

I asked them to think about what the writer means by ' I'm'? Have there been other people there before, and what has happened to them? And what kind of room is it? A hotel room, a hospital room, a room in a school, in a house. Is it derelict or is it home? And is this a letter found by someone, or is it an e mail, or a message left in a computer ?
  Goodness, it has got me thinking as well......
  ( and I promise not to steal their ideas!)

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  1. Spooky! GLad you made it safely to the bkfest in the morning!!
    See you soon